Titan Desert Heroe Ambassador of the WMMTBOC 2013

2013-10-07 21:53:16

José Silva started his career in Athletics, winning some prizes in young classes. He always lived the sport in a special way and fought a lot to be a super athlete. During the last years he becames a really Montain Bike Champion in Portugal. José won several Mountain Bike and Masters Cycling Championships but always tried good results in foreign countries too. In 2010 he won almost all Montain Bike championships in Portugal and finished the XCM European Championship (Italy) at 31st position. One year later he finished Brasil Ride at 6th place.
This year he lived a very special moment in his career, being one of best in Tintan Desert event, after finishing at 5th place of the Ranking.

Career Overview:



5th Titan Desert (www.titandesert.es/)

Portuguese Masters Cycling Champion

Portuguese Masters Cycling Time Trial Champion



2nd Portuguese XCM Championship

5th Espana Marathon Open

8th Portuguese XCM Ranking

Skyroad Grandfondo Winner

Portugal Marathon “Festibike” Winner



2nd Portuguese XCM Championship (Masters)

2nd Portuguese Masters Cycling Championship

Portuguese XCM Champion (Masters)

2nd Douro Bike Race

6th Brasil Ride

24th Craft Bike Transalp



Portuguese XCM Champion (Masters)

Portuguese XCO Champion (Masters)

Portuguese Masters Cycling Champion

Portuguese Ramp Champion (Masters)

Portuguese XCM Ranking Winner

31th European XCM Championship (Italy)

2nd Portugal Cycling (Masters)



2nd Portuguese XCM Ranking

5th Portuguese XCM Championship (Masters)