Maps and Terrain

All events will be organized in accordance with the IOF International Specification for MTB Orienteering Maps (2010):

Middle Distance    
   WCup    1:15,000 / 5 m
 M/W 40/50
 1:15.000 / 5 m
 M/W 60/70
 1:10.000 / 5m 
Long distance    WCup    1:15,000 / 5 m
   1:15,000 / 5 m
Mixed Relay   WCup    1:10.000 / 5m
Sprint  Masters    1:7.500 / 5m


 Terrain Description

Medium and Long distance competitions are taking place in forest areas, with small urban areas, the forest characteristic features are the typical Mediterranean forest with multiple paths and roads, dense vegetation. Depending on the weather conditions that anticipate the competitions, some paths can have some water channels that will cross them and cannot be foreseen in advance, attention is required and some paths could have as well sand characteristics that varies with the weather conditions. The forest areas sometimes have underbrush that can hamper the shortcuts.

The orographyin long distance is characterized by two very distinct parts: one flat, very fast, the other very steep and slow.

The orography in middle distance is characterized by middle relief, sometimes with steep slopes.

Sprint and Mixed Relay competitions are taking place in combined urban and forested area with multiple paths, open areas, buildings, and numerous man made features. Some steep areas with technical up or downhill sections.

In all competition areas thorny vegetation can be found. Therefore puncture protection is strongly recommended.

All the competitions area is open to public traffic. The courses cross several public roads. There will be marshal’s at the most critical places to help safe crossing and minimize disruption. Riders should follow the instruction of marshals. Still, it is the riders’ responsibility to observe traffic rules and avoid unsafe practices.


Altitude: 50m to 450m.


Samples Of Maps:


Long Distance


long1     long2


Middle Distance




Relay / Sprint


mixRelay Sprint